2023 Farm Focus Family

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

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The Farm Focus Family Award began in 1985 as part of National Farm City Week.  There have now been over 100 families in Reno County that have been recognized for their contributions to Reno County Agriculture.  This year’s Farm Focus Family Award goes to Matt and Becky Mullins.

Matt, originally from Yoder, met his wife Becky while taking a year off after graduating from Pittsburg State to participate in the Mennonite Voluntary Service in Arizona. After getting married and returning home, Matt began his career in agriculture. Just a few short years later and he was farming around 150 acres south of Highway 50, gradually picking up more and more acres along the way. In 2015 Matt and Becky quit their jobs and started their own LLC, JBH Farms, allowing Matt to farm full-time with Becky taking care of the company books and raise their two sons Denton and Chase.

Matt expanded his cattle herd and began selling solar pumps to have winter income while Becky started a business raising and selling pasture raised meat. The Mullins have had blessings pour down in various forms but give God all the credit for their success.

This year they grew soybeans, corn, wheat, milo, sunflowers and alfalfa while continuing to grow their cattle herd little by little. Though the most special part of the year was getting to watch their sons join the family business by purchasing their first heifers.

Though production agriculture is hard, Matt would not trade what he does for the world. There are days that Becky would, but most of the time she is happy to join Matt on his farming adventure!

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