The Chamber of Commerce is an advocate for policies and actions that promote a positive business climate, economic growth, business investment in the community and tourism.

Chamber members, public officials, business leaders and community organizations frequently inquire about the policy positions of the Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber of Commerce. This information provides an outline of the issues the Chamber's Public Policy Advisory Committee and the Board of Directors have identified as core policy priorities and specific policy positions for 2017.

Core Policy Priorities

Tax Policy

The Chamber supports efforts to promote fiscal responsibility and thoughtful consideration of tax policies by federal, state and local governments.

Economic Development

Government has important roles to play to help facilitate efforts to increase employment opportunities, to retain and expand existing businesses and to offer competitive incentives for new businesses to locate in the community. The Chamber supports government assistance in economic development efforts and workforce training and development programs intended to recruit new business investment in the community and state.


Public education is a core policy priority. Quality public schools are important to attract and encourage young families to make their homes in Kansas and the community and to provide employers a well-educated and highly-skilled workforce.

Local Government

The Chamber supports exploring opportunities for unification of local governments, consolidation of public services and improving the working relationships between local governments and local businesses. The Chamber believes that government works best when it is closest to those it serves, and supports preservation of local control over the policies and governance of local organizations and boards.

Regulatory Environment

The Chamber encourages a business climate in which regulatory burdens on business are minimized and necessary regulations are administered in a manner that promotes economic and community development and facilitates planning for the future.

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