H Bucks

The Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber of Commerce introduces the H-Bucks gift certificate program. H-Bucks, designed to complement the H-Factor initiative, offers a unique way to keep dollars and spending in our local economy.

H-BucksWhat are H-Bucks?

H-Bucks are gift certificates, purchased through the Chamber, that can be spent at participating Chamber member's businesses. H-Bucks look like checks, but spend like cash. They are designed to be purchased with the intent of keeping dollars in Reno County. The "H" in H-Bucks stands for Hometown. Hometown spending helps us all!

How do I purchase H-Bucks?

H-Bucks can be purchased at the Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber of Commerce, 117 North Walnut, in person, or by phone at 620-662-3391. You may purchase H-Bucks with cash or credit card. H-Bucks come in $10 and $25 increments. There is no processing fee to purchase H-Bucks. You pay only for the amount listed on the H-Buck certificate. If you have a large quantity of H-Bucks to purchase, be sure to call ahead so we can have them ready for you when you come to pick them up!

Who Accepts H-Bucks

H-Bucks are accepted at participating Chamber member businesses. Look for the "H-Bucks Accepted Here" window cling outside stores or download participating business list.

CLICK HERE for businesses who accept H-Bucks.

Who can use H-Bucks?

Anyone can purchase and use H-Bucks. Only Chamber members may accept them in their place of business. Purchasing H-Bucks as a holiday bonus for your employees or a gift for your family is the perfect way to ensure that hard-earned local dollars are spent within the local community.

As a Chamber member, how can I benefit from H-Bucks?

As a CHAMBER MEMBER, H-Bucks can only be spent at your business. Since 2012, the Chamber has sold over $508,000 in H-Buck certificates. That's over $508,000 guaranteed to stay in the local economy and be spent at Chamber businesses!

How do H-Bucks benefit the community?

H-Bucks benefit the community by keeping dollars local in Hutchinson and Reno County. Keeping money in our local economy encourages businesses to expand and develop, helps to fund local government budgets, creates local jobs, reduces our carbon footprint, and fosters community pride. We all win!

How do I accept H-Bucks at my Business?

H-Bucks look like a check, but should be accepted like cash at your business. They may be deposited directly into your bank account as if they were a check written to you! If you have further questions about accepting H-Bucks, please contact Marcy Kaufman at the Chamber, 620-662-3391 or marcyk@hutchchamber.com.

Identifying H-Bucks

Security is always a hot topic these days. Here are a few features to know your H-Bucks are the real deal:

  • The vertical borders of H-Bucks contain micro-print words. If photocopied, the edges will appear as a straight line.
  • All H-Bucks will be made payable to "Chamber member in good standing".
  • The Hutch Chamber logo will appear as a watermark in the background of the H-Buck.
  • If photocopied, an H-Buck will have "VOID" showing in the background throughout the document.
  • A heat-sensitive security lock will appear on all H-Bucks if pressed.

H-Bucks Sponsors

The Chamber would like to thank our sponsors:




  • Apron Strings
  • Brown's Shoe Fit
  • Cosmosphere
  • Dillons
  • Egbert Liquor
  • First National Bank
  • Jackson Meat
  • Metropolitan Coffee
  • Papa Johns Pizza
  • Sleep Shoppe and Furniture Gallery
  • Temaat Retail Liquor Store
  • The Clayworks
  • Walmart SuperCenter
  • Westphal Jewelers
  • Wifco Steel Products