Bob Goertz Auto Receives March Small Business Award

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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The Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber is pleased to announce the March 2018 Small Business Award recipient is Bob Goertz Auto.


Bob Goertz Auto is a family business that originally began in Bob’s garage while he was working for Montgomery Wards.  When business got to the point that a larger space was needed, Bob opened a shop at 5th and Monroe in partnership with Bud Sewing named B & B Auto.  Once Bud retired in 1980, Bob went into partnership with Bob Lechner and the shop moved to Stevens street.  In 1990, the partnership with Bob Lechner split, the business moved to 2nd Avenue and the business name changed to Bob Goertz Auto Repair, Inc.  Over the next several years, the business continued to grow and add employees and in 2000 Bob moved the business to Sherman and Walnut where it currently resides.  Bob was eventually joined by his little brother Joe, his two sons Jim and Darren, and his wife, Jeannine who does the books for the organization.  Bob retired in 2016, but still remains the owner and president and the business is now co-managed by Joe and Jim.


Bob Goertz Auto is a family business that is now in its fifth decade.  The company strives to do all the work the best they can at the most reasonable price they can do it.  From an oil changes to large engine repairs, Bob Goertz Auto Repair will do nearly anything the customer needs. 


There is a team atmosphere at the company, as all employees help each other out to solve the problems they encounter and get the job done.  The company has a low turnover rate, partly because they hire employees who want to work at an independent repair shop and because they treat their employees like family.  The company provides paid vacation and a company match retirement plan to retain employees.  Also, the company pays for the training courses.  However, finding mechanics that want to work for an independent shop can be challenging.  The mechanics at Bob Goertz Auto Repair need to be willing to learn how to fix a variety of different makes and models as opposed to only servicing one make at a dealership.  One way they came up with to overcome this issue is by recruiting new mechanics from the vocational technology school in Hutchinson. 


Technology changes have also had a significant impact on the business over the years.  The rate of change of the technology used in vehicles has necessitated continual education for the mechanics, as well as the continual need to update equipment.  To keep their skills up-to-date, the mechanics attend training classes six times a year.


Joe currently serves on the advisory board of the VoTech school in Hutchinson.  In addition, the family is involved with church activities and even though retired, Bob has been involved with the Boy Scouts for years. 


Congratulations and thank you for all you do for our community.

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