QueenBee Marketing Receives Small Business Award

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

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Angie Bergmeier began QueenBee Social Marketing in 2015 as a two-woman team providing social media marketing services to local and surrounding businesses. As their team grew so did their services. In 2017 they dropped the “Social” part of their company name to make it QueenBee Marketing, reflecting their status as a full-service marketing agency. They have been fortunate enough to employ experts and professionals in graphic design, videography, photography, digital marketing, website design, and social marketing, growing their team of two to 15. 

With the added employees they realized that a different office space was needed and made the decision to invest in another building in downtown Hutchinson. In 2018 QueenBee moved across the street from 11 S. Main, to a beautifully renovated building at 10 S. Main.  Though their  location may have changed, and their services expanded, they still guide themselves by the three pillars the company was founded on: quality, commitment and service.

What makes QueenBee unique is they do everything in-house, meaning the same company who designs your billboard is also able to take the photo for it and place it for you.  They don’t believe in one size fits all marketing and because of that they are able to service not only a multitude of industries, but also companies ranging from mom and pop to international. They work with their clients and potential clients to find the best value for their marketing dollars while still being able to meet their goals and stay in their budget. They do the research to learn about their clients and their industry. If they can learn who they are and how they operate, they can provide a better service to them. They like to say that they are an extension of their clients’ team, “We focus on you, so you can focus on your business.”

They have struggled with finding a balance between their fast growth, both with clients and quickly employing quality personnel that fit their company’s needs and culture. As quality, commitment and service remains a constant companion to their work, it is important to them to employ people that embody these same qualities. A large part of their success has been the people that make up their young company. As a key piece of their success, having so many different personalities working in close proximity to one another can also create friction when differences of opinion arise. Knowing how to navigate this is something they recognized early on as a necessity and one that they continue to improve upon. Their team has created an “open door” work environment where everyone is encouraged to share their opinion or thoughts in a helpful manner.

As a young company they have had many firsts from taking on a large number of projects at once, to having employees leave, to celebrating important milestones. Fortunately, they have been able to come together as a team and learn from their victories and stumbles, alike.  They are also tasked with staying up to date on trends and finding new ways to service their clients in an ever-evolving industry. This is both exhausting and fascinating, but necessary for growth.

At QueenBee they try to cover all sides of what makes a company attractive and valuable to employees. One side of this is offering competitive pay and benefits. They know that no matter the stage of life their employees are in, these things are important.

The other side of retaining quality employees is all about environment. They have a very unique and fun work environment. Their goal with this environment is to keep the spark of creativity alive as well as recognize and appreciate their employees for all they do. They believe in a system that rewards its team for not only doing their jobs day in and day out but going above and beyond to make this company more than just another business.  QueenBee strives to combine people’s talents and interests with their day-to-day work. When passion meets purpose, that’s where the magic happens. Having employees that feel fulfilled is important. Providing them with opportunities to continue their education in areas of interest by sending them to conferences or classes, is one way they make that happen.

Since the beginning, QueenBee has been generous in giving back to our community. Whether this means donating their time and talents to help local businesses, organizations and groups thrive or simply providing a tangible donation to an event or cause. They believe in giving back to the community who has given them a chance to prove themselves and know there is a correlation between being successful and giving back.  QueenBee might also have the most social team you’ve ever met! Their team is constantly attending events and supporting our community every chance they get!

Thank you for all you do for our community!

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