Quality Body Shop Receives Small Business Award

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

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Quality Body Shop opened their doors for business on December 4, 1974. Brothers Ernest and Henry Yoder established this business and prior to opening Quality Body Shop, Ernest and Henry worked for the A.D. Ford Motor Co. in the body and paint department.

Both native to Reno County, Ernest & Henry dreamed of owning their own business. They chose to offer complete collision repair services, including automobiles, heavy duty trucks, RV's and agriculture equipment. After 44 years of service, Don and Terry Yoder have purchased the business from their fathers. They are committed to carrying on the values of quality, integrity and a hard work ethic that were passed on to them by their fathers. 

One thing that makes Quality Body Shop stand out from the rest is their diversity.  They perform repairs on all types of vehicles and equipment from automobiles, heavy duty trucks and equipment, RV’s, agricultural equipment, marine equipment, and various other unique items even including bath tubs and toilet seats.

One of their biggest challenges has been the rapidly changing technology in the automotive industry.  It has completely transformed how cars are repaired and caused the liability for the repair facility to increase exponentially. The trend is predicted to be that in the next three years, 60% of automotive repairs will be electronic and 40% will be body related.  This requires technicians and managers to be knowledgeable of today’s technology and repair facilities to invest heavily in equipment to ensure the safety of customers and to remain relevant in the industry. They are facing this challenge through state-of-the-art training, research, and equipment and have invested heavily in both to ensure the safety of their customers.

Another challenge they face is due to the high volume of their business, it can create a back log in scheduling and an inconvenience for their customers.  They are working to overcome this by adding four new employees to address the bottlenecks and enhance their customer experience. 

At Quality Body Shop they attempt to create a culture where people genuinely enjoy each other and interact with each other.  They attempt to be above industry standards in regard to compensation and provide the necessary training and certification to be successful in this industry.

They believe in giving back to their community and are part of an effort by the Pleasantview merchants to raise funds for individuals in need or to help fund organizations that help those in need.  Part of this is accomplished through their annual Spring Celebration event where the Pleasantview merchants invite the public into their businesses to express their appreciation to their customers and raise funds to invest in the needs of the community.

Don and Terry said they are grateful that God has given them the opportunity to own and operate a business that enables them to serve both their customers and their employees as well as invest in our community.

Thank you for all you do for our community!


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