Hutch Lawn Care Receives Small Business Award

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

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Greg Fast began when he was 29 years old by taking care of a neighbor's lawn. Shortly thereafter he had fifteen yards he was taking care of and then after three years, he purchased a business that had grown exponentially. His company didn’t have a name at first, but he purchased a small lawn care company's equipment and contracts and eventually Hutch Lawn Care was officially born.

What makes Hutch Lawn Care special is the team always brings integrity to their work. They began on a solid foundation with old-school, high standards and the people of Hutchinson really understand and appreciate this kind of service. At Hutch Lawn Care, they aim to be a one stop shop for whatever their clients need in their yard and try to make every customer feel like they are the only customer.

Finding a steady crew can be difficult, but necessary for the expansion of the business. Even though their core group is incredibly solid, and many of them have been on the team for years, finding reliable seasonal help does prove difficult some summers. Greg believes that the way to overcome this hurdle is by relying on the steady team members they do have.

One main reason they have been able to retain reliable workers on the team for so long is because their employees know what to expect. As the business owner, Greg’s main endeavor to make his expectations clear to the team, knowing no one benefits from confusion about roles or expectations. Keeping good, working equipment on hand also helps to decrease frustrations in the day-to-day operations.

Greg believes in being involved in the community and serving with his time and resources. He currently serves as the head of the Community Advisory Board for Big Brothers Big Sisters; is the former President, and current member, of the Hutchinson Executive Association; a Board Member of the Hutchinson Police Department Volunteer Patrol; a 25-year participant of the Hutchinson Volunteer Implemented Patrol; and former Treasurer of the Hutchinson Community College Quarterback Club.

Thank you, Greg, for all you do for our community!

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