2022 Agri-Business of the Year

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

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The Agri-Business of the Year Award is intended to honor the agri-businesses in Reno County and thank them for the important role they play in strengthening the local ag economy.  This year’s Agri-Business of the Year Award went to Kauffman Seeds.

Kauffman Seeds entered the seed business in 1965, when founder Edward Kauffman began an alfalfa seed cleaning business. It wasn’t long after that certified seed wheat was added to the business followed soon by soybeans. In the mid 90’s Midland Genetics was born 
    through partnership with other seed companies. 
    More changes, including cover crops, followed a decade later when Tom Clayman and Dustin Miller purchased the business. This allowed Kauffman Seeds the ability to provide for the needs of their customers’ entire farming operations. As agriculture has shifted and changed over the years, so has Kauffman Seeds. What hasn’t changed is their focus on customers and the products that allow them to meet their needs while staying true to delivering locally adapted products for their customers.

    Kauffman Seeds employs 20 full-time employees and around 20-25 part-time employees during the summer months. They currently operate with 450,000 bushels of blk storage, 175,000 sf of warehouse space, and 6 semis with plans underway to increase their bulk storage.

    Tom and Dustin look to meet the challenges of the ever changing agricultural landscape and to adopt the latest innovations to help your farm succeed for years to come.

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