Reflections Salon Receives Small Business Award

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

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Kelly Alger graduated Sidney’s Hairdressing College in 1996 and began her cosmetology journey working at a couple of different salons. In June of 2002, she opened her own shop – Reflections Salon on West 2nd Avenue after Kelly remodeled an empty business location. In 2010, Kelly and her husband purchased the former Salt City Land & Title Building and remodeled it to accommodate two businesses with separate entrances for Reflections Salon and her husband’s barber shop. 

Kelly prides her salon on pampering their clients with a complete list of services and keeping their prices affordable for everyone. Her shop is easy to access, with plenty of parking, and is handicapped accessible. For more than 11 years, Kelly commuted to Stafford, KS 1-2 days a week to accommodate family and friends in a shop she had there. When customers have health concerns, Kelly and her staff, will accommodate clients in their homes and have provided transportation and assistance selecting wigs for those who have lost their hair. Kelly has been honored to fulfill a family’s request to style their loved ones hair and/or nails for their final appearance at the funeral home. Kelly and her staff will always go above and beyond for their clients.  

Beauty industry competition and Retail have been a couple of tough challenges faced by Kelly and the salon. They encourage their clients to shop local and with locally owned retailers whenever possible. They also promote the authenticity of salon products vs some of the other retail outlets. Providing excellent and affordable services and going the extra mile for their clients, is how they overcome the competition challenges. They also work hard to provide exactly what the customer wants in various styles and services. Another challenge is operating a woman dominated business and having all the personalities get along. With the competition of many salons in our community, stylists move around quite a bit

Each of the stylists in Reflections are considered self-employed. Kelly keeps her booth rental low for the stylists. She works hard to make her salon clean and comfortable and takes care of items needed to run their business successfully too.

Kelly supports multiple organizations and events including the Cancer Council of Reno County Purse Auction, is a member of the Fox Theatre. Kelly regularly donates shoes, purses, clothes, professional products to BrightHouse. She donates hygiene products to the homeless through Laundry Love. She likes to contribute and support local organizations that work to improve the quality of life in Reno County. Kelly also supports Veterans and the VA, as her husband Mike is a Veteran.

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