Esau & Miller Family Dentistry Receives Small Business Award

Thursday, September 14, 2023

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The Hutch Chamber is honored to present the September Small Business Award to Esau & Miller Family Dentistry.

Dr. Todd Esau started practicing in 1993 after graduating from UMKC and started working with his father Dr. Willis Esau and Dr. Robert Sweet. In 1998, both Dr. Esau’s branched off and started their own practice and worked together until Willis retired in 2007. In 2019, Dr. Casey Miller joined Todd as an associate but bought into the practice and became a partner by January 2020 and the practice was renamed Esau & Miller Family Dentistry.

Esau and Miller continued to grow the practice and in late 2021, they broke ground for a full office expansion that now includes 5 additional operatories, a surgical suite, and expanded laboratory.

Esau & Miller Family Dentistry pride themselves on being a full-service office while providing the best dental care possible to their patients in a safe and comfortable environment.

While almost every business found COVID to be a challenge, Esau & Miller Family Dentistry did as well. Their office did not close once during the pandemic and were thankful they could continue to take care of the community although they did struggle with keeping the personal protective equipment in stock. The other operational challenge they were experiencing was reaching max capacity for patient load, so hiring Dr. Miller and office expansion made it possible to accept new patients and grow the practice.

Esau & Miller treats each employee individually and does what they can to help them succeed with hands on training, continuing education, and allows them to find their niche and allows them to succeed in their personal favorite specialty. They also allow their staff to put their families first and know that anyone can struggle, and they strive to help staff overcome adversity and challenges.

When asked, the doctors truly want to create an environment to make all patients feel welcome and all employees feel valued. Even though there are a multitude of dental offices in the area, they know that their staff treats all of their patients like family.

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