Temaat Retail Liquor Store Receives Small Business Award

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

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The Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber of Commerce is proud to  present the October Small Business Award to Temaat Liquor. 

When Tony Temaat was about to retire from his career in oil and real estate, he knew he wanted to do something else and wanted to start a business. He and his wife, Edna owned the lot on North Lorraine, where the store is currently located.  Edna agreed to starting a new business but wanted to keep it small (around 3-4 employees). They decided on a liquor store because they thought it would be fun and in 1984, they built the east building to house the liquor store, a hair salon, and barber shop. Later the barber shop moved, and the hair salon wanted more room, so in 1986 they built the west building where Dr. Gertken opened his dental practice, Tresses Salon expanded, and they also added the Mail Room. At the same time in 1986 they expanded the liquor store to its present size. In 2015, the Temaat’s daughter Jo and her husband Rick took over the day-to-day operations as Jo’s parents health was declining. Today, Jo owns Temaat Liquor and runs it with Rick and together they carry on her parent’s “post-retirement” dream. 

Temaat’s is proud to have the largest and best wine selection in town, the largest Scotch selection in town, and an excellent bourbon section. They carry craft beers and regular beers and will take special orders if the product is available in Kansas. They enjoy helping their customers with events such as weddings, reunions, and more. Their staff is very knowledgeable when people come into the store and need recommendations. Rick and Jo been told they have the friendliest staff and they believe they have the best staff around! Temaat’s has been selected as Hutchinson’s favorite liquor store and Hutchinson’s favorite wine store for three years in a row.  Rick and Jo believe what’s make them a favorite is their belief in old-fashioned customer service and doing whatever they can to make their customers happy. 

The Wooderson’s make sure their staff have a fun place to work and are very family oriented. They are not open on major holidays and have made the advance decision if Sunday liquor sales in Hutchinson should ever pass, they will still remain closed. They celebrate their employees’ life events and always try to show them how much they need each and every one of them.

In addition to being very involved in their church, they support Tech, United Way, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Cancer Council of Reno County, Hospice and Home Health of Reno County, Hutchinson Symphony, The Fox Theatre, The Art Center, Hutchinson Zoo and HCC endowment. As a small business in Hutchinson, they are contacted frequently throughout the year for fundraisers, and try to support as many as possible. 

Temaat Liquor has been in business for nearly 40 years, and they believe their employees are the reason for the longevity and success of Temaat’s. Rick and Jo love Hutchinson, their employees, and truly want to see everyone happy and successful. 

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