2023 Farm Focus Family of the Year

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

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The Farm Focus Family Award began in 1985 as part of National Farm City Week.  There have now been over 100 families in Reno County that have been recognized for their contributions to Reno County Agriculture. This year’s Farm Focus Family Award goes to the Gaeddert family.

The Gaeddert Family started with Leon and Ruth and is now a 4th generation farm family. Leon and Ruth were able to retire in 2014 when Torrey and Julie took over the farming operations. That same year Torrey’s parents retired and he took over their farm as well.

The Gaeddert farming operation is very diversified. The ‘traditional’ farm operation raises corn, soybeans, wheat, milo, sunflowers and cover crops as well as cattle, sheep and goats. The ‘nontraditional’ farm includes their sweet corn operation, a sunflower festival, biospreading, and two artistic businesses.

Zach and Tyler, two of Tonya’s sons, started a sheep and goat heard this past year, rounding out the fourth generation. Both boys are very involved in their local FFA Chapters serving as president and historian respectively.

The family loves staying involved in their community by serving on various boards and committees, volunteering in their church, holding a seat on the Reno County board as well as the Buhler Chamber of Commerce board. It is clear to see that this family loves what they do and the community that they do it for.

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