Nisly Brothers Receives October Small Business Award

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

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Menno Nisly started the business in 1956 when he had a vision for recycling before recycling was cool.  He opened his trash and garbage hauling business and also began taking food that was being thrown away and recycling it for animal food.  Eventually that process became too labor intensive and they went back to strictly a trash hauling service until times progressed and they began offering recycling services again.  Menno’s initial vision for the company was to provide good, old-fashioned, customer friendly and personalized trash service to friends and neighbors and that has stayed true today. 


Today, the business is owned by three of Menno’s sons, Harold, Arnold, and Marvin.  Since they are a family owned local business, it allows them to be more nimble and adapt quickly to their customers’ needs.  Literally every driver is trained by one of the three owners of the company, which allows them to ensure that all the drivers are adhering to their business practices of customer service and safety. 


Along with most machines, computers have helped enhance garbage trucks over the years.  However, the advancement in technology has made truck repairs a lot more expensive.  They’ve overcome these challenges by staying up to date on how to repair their new equipment and doing due diligence before investing in new equipment.  In addition, they have also faced various environmental issues throughout the years with legislation being passed on landfills.  One of the ways they are working to combat this is through additional recycling efforts. 


Nisly Brothers offers great benefits to their employees including health, dental & vision insurance, as well as a retirement plan and vacation. They also offer a quarterly incentive bonus to their employees, based on profits.  They believe when the company wins, the employees should also win.  They strive to treat their employees as friends and be flexible with schedules to all employees to attend family events.


Nisly Brothers has a commitment to the Reno County area in offering affordable, reliable trash hauling services.  They offer free or greatly discounted services to many non-profits around the area, including Interfaith Housing Community Services, the Mennonite Relief Sale and area churches. All the owners also are active in various committees and boards in the churches they attend.


Nisly Brothers take pride in their profession and serving customers.  They are an ever-expanding, ever-improving company that is continually looking for new partnerships and areas of service in the waste management industry. They are always eager to find ways to serve more people in better ways.


Congratulations and thank you for all you do for our community.

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