4 Seasons Truck Wash Receives November Small Business Award

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

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Dan Benewiat got his start with a cattle trailer clean out business in Halstead, KS. Over time he had driven by Tiona Truck Line on Hwy 50 and always thought he would like to own the property and the business. Shortly after closing his cattle trailer clean out business, Dan received a call out of the blue from Tiona who was wanting to sell her business and was told he was the one for the job.  As fate would have it, Dan was offered an excellent opportunity to buy the property and start a new business of his own. Without a single customer, Dan went to work and met with several area companies explaining his services. It did not take long to start receiving work from the food facilities in Hutchinson and Reno County. Since then, he has added equipment to clean liquid bulk milk tanks and has expanded his work force. 4 Seasons Truck Wash is an extremely unique business in the services that are offered.  The closest similar business to his is in the Kansas City area, however they do not even offer all the cleaning services provided by 4 Seasons.  4 Seasons Truck Wash is a “food grade” only facility that will clean the exterior of trucks and trailers, as well as interiors of food grade only, liquid bulk, and dry bulk tanks, as well as refrigerated trailers and dry box vans.  Dan has plans to add more bays to expand his services, capacity, and add a few more employees in the near future.

When starting the business, Dan had to do it all on his own with no significant financial backing, no customers, and no employees but feels blessed to have had only minimal challenges along the way.At 4 Seasons Truck Wash Dan treats his employees like he would want to be treated, not asking any employee to do something he would not do himself. Several of his staff have been with him for longer than 8 years, with two of his newer staff being “return employees” that came back from earlier years.

4 Seasons Truck Wash is a big supporter of the American Legion and a member of the Hutch Chamber. They support several local ball teams, the VFW golf tournament, are members of the Moose Lodge, and sponsor race cars, truck and tractor pulls, and other youth-related activities.

4 Seasons Truck Wash is a specialty business that is of vital necessity to the “food grade” industry.  He started his company with very little and has grown it to an extremely successful business, with good employees, and remains “hands on” with all day to day operations.

Congratulations and thank you for all you do for our community.

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