Ebeling Pools Receives Small Business Award

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

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The business originally began in 1974 as a construction company and then the pool business part of it started in 1976.  In 1980, Mark joined his dad and started the retail store which offered pools, spas, and supplies.  Cheryl then joined the business in 1982.  In January 1997 both Cheryl and Mark made the decision to close the construction part of the business and went back into the fireplace/pool business, which they continue to run today.  The original location for the business at 513 S. Walnut St. remains as the service location, and the retail store is now located at 2803 N. Lorraine.

Ebeling Pools is the only area pool company that actually builds their own pools. Management is involved in every step from the design, throughout the build and the installation.  They have experienced pool staff, and even more importantly have become a trusted advisor for their customers with people seeking them out for advice and second opinions.  

At Ebling Pools, trying to keep staff connected with the two locations has created some challenges.  They have relied on the use of technology to keep all their employees connected and on the same page.  Making the move from paper records to digital records, switching the phone systems, and going to an online calendar has all helped in keeping their team organized and in touch.  They deliberately made the decision to make slower, more measured changes to avoided trying to do too much all at once. 

When asked, the best asset they said they have at Ebling Pools is their staff.  They work to be flexible and accommodating with their staff and pay for additional training with the National Fireplace Institute, BioGuard, as well as other various vendors.  It is important for them to invest in their employees and to let them know they value them!

At Ebling Pools they are dedicated to their customers and their community.  Mark sat on the Hutchinson Zoo board for several years and Cheryl has been a volunteer at St. Francis Community Services, is a licensed foster parent, and helps with various church programs.  They also support the Reno County CASA Board, Annual Yoder Turkey Dinner, Carey Park Thanksgiving Golf Scramble, Hospice, Reno County Round-Up, Hutchinson High School and Hutchinson Community College athletic sponsorships.    

Thank you for all you do for our community!

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