Frederick Chiropractic Center Receives Small Business Award

Thursday, June 25, 2020

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Dr. Keith Frederick said he was first exposed to chiropractic services through an injury he received in high school and was impressed with how helpful it was for his recovery. He knew then he wanted to be able to help others in the same way.  After finishing school, Dr. Frederick started as a chiropractor in Hutchinson in 1998 with another doctor.  In 2006, he started his own practice at 1515 N. Lorraine St. Ste A, where he is still located today.  Then in 2015, Dr. Frederick brought on a third employee which has allowed him to provide better customer service and coverage to his clients.

Dr. Frederick is passionate about personalized, individual care and believes each person, each patient, is unique and deserves to be treated to the absolute best of their ability. It varies from patient to patient which can be one of the challenges of his work, as well as one of the things he most enjoys.  At Frederick Chiropractic Center, they strive to make the best decisions for their patients and their dedication to them is what they want to be remembered for. While there are several chiropractors in Hutchinson, he views them as colleagues, not competitors. In his words, “I can help a lot of people, but I can’t help everybody, so I want to get them to the right ‘Dr’ for them.”  Dr. Frederick believes that his dedication to his patients and his service to them – even to the point of directing them elsewhere if that is what is best for them – is what sets him apart.

Technology, different government regulations, and insurance are always challenging.  Dr. Frederick said they are fortunate that they had the foresight to be one of the first practices to use electronic chiropractic records, which has proven to be a huge advantage for them and put them ahead of the curve with changes to technology. A constant struggle they have at Frederick Chiropractic Center is with information that is required from government programs compared to what their patients want to share with them. For example, even though they don’t prescribe medicine at Frederick Chiropractic, the Government requires they collect prescription information from their patients, however, patients don’t always feel comfortable sharing that information.  Another challenge is billing insurance as there are so many different forms and regulations that are always changing.

At Frederick Chiropractic, Dr. Frederick aims to provide a flexible schedule for his employees, as well as offer personal time off and the ability to work remotely, when possible.  Also, he believes promoting a good, positive work environment goes a long way and tries to encourage his employees to get involved and participate in various community and educational opportunities.

Frederick Chiropractic is also involved in numerous organization and groups around the community from church, school, chamber events, and Leadership Reno County, to sponsoring after prom activities and athletics for various high schools in our area.  They try to make sure they support as many people in our region as possible as giving back and taking care of those in our community is what they are all about!

Thank you, Dr. Frederick, for all you do for our community!



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